Susan Reed has been involved in the health care industry, employee benefits and corporate wellness programs for over 20 years. Susan is currently a Manager for Worksite Communications, supporting large employers with onsite education for employees of their health and wellness benefits. Susan has worked with employers throughout the nation in helping to identify the health needs of employees and developing successful wellness strategies for their population. She has worked with major insurance companies such as Anthem Blue Cross and UnitedHealthcare where she provided clinical analysis of chronic conditions and disease prevalence and implemented wellness, disease management and behavioral health solutions.


Susan holds her Masters of Health Administration, is an active legislative member for National Association of Health Underwriters and also advocates on behalf of the Breast Cancer Fund Organization. She is passionate about wellness, fitness and enjoys hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing in the Sierras and occasionally challenging herself with mountain climbing.


Serving as a board member on the Optimal You board is an honor and opportunity to support a company with a vision of helping individuals to improve their health and live a healthy lifestyle. I believe people desire to be healthy for their own unique reasons and taping into each individual’s intrinsic motivator is where lasting behavior change starts and where the Optimal You model and gifted coaches successfully help people achieve and maintain their health goals.